World Class Recruitment

We are devoted to your business

SARTA prides itself on delivering accurate and unparalleled results through our knowledge and experience of best practice. Our long-term goal is to ensure higher levels of attrition within our key client database so that retention is always top of mind. We offer the following specialised recruitment initiatives:

Specialised Recruitment Initiatives:-

  • Continuous advertising drives that include mainstream and specialized media to ensure that we attract top talent.
  • Behavioural-based interviewing processes to support the job requirements and company culture fit.
  • Customised role-play sessions to assess the candidate’s ability to manage real life scenarios.
  • High levels of professionalism, an impressive database and an extensive network.
  • Specialist Graduate Recruitment

Best Job Placements

Our team of professional recruiters, have the industry knowledge and insight that it takes to be able to match your skills and experience with the perfect job for you. SARTA goes the extra mile to find opportunities that fit our candidates skills, interests and goals, delivering better results for our client companies.

Top Quality Candidates

When you partner with SARTA, you are partnering with a team that boasts an excellent track record of placing candidates with top quality opportunities. Our personal consultation with each candidate ensures that we understand their skill set and goals and how they can be strategically aligned with the right client.

Track Record

Anna Maistry, Managing Director and Zayn Timol, Non Executive Director, have pooled together their various skills, knowledge, and extensive experience in the recruitment, sourcing, placement, payroll and facilities management. Forming a unique, powerful business model in SARTA, which is able to source and place the perfect candidate to fit the job specification in the fastest time possible.

SARTA Recruitment – Our Philosophy

SARTA connects the potential of people to the ambitions of business.

Our team thrives off each other’s passion for recruitment and strives to build a long-term relationships based on integrity, passion, ethics, professionalism, and commitment.

Our mission

To help businesses and individuals reach their full potential through matching client needs with the right-fit for long-term success.

  • Pride

    We instill excellence and a genuine feeling of responsibility in everything we do.

  • Expertise

    We provide specialist industry and discipline focused services. Our professional know-how and unique understanding of markets and people is shared with our clients and candidates, to ensure that their business or career keeps moving forward.

  • Passion

    A necessary ingredient in the business of people is passion. Our business relies on passion to create mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

  • Integrity

    In recognition of our clients and candidates reliance upon us, we are committed to rewarding our clients’ trust through the highest achievable professional and ethical standards.

What our clients have to say about our service

XL Nexus Travel has been working with SARTA for the past two years.  Placement target has remained at 95% over this period which gives us comfort in knowing  that Anna understands our business, the job descriptions and our company fit.  Anna is responsible for recruitment from all aspects of our business including leadership and strategic candidates.  She avails herself at a moment’s notice should we require her service.  This personal customer interaction is very rare in today’s business world and we value her continuous follow up to check if we are happy with a placement.

Shariefa Allie, XL Nexus Travel Operations Director

Thank you so much for handling my application in such a professional manner. I really enjoy working with you and will definitely recommend you and your agency to my friends.  I am super excited to start on Monday and cant wait to support to such an amazing team and company.

Helena WieseHappy Candidate